(Torrejón de Ardoz, Madrid, Spain)

Torrejón de Ardoz is a Spanish city in the Madrid Community. From a socioeconomic point of view, Torrejón is within the Corredor del Henares and is also included in the metropolitan area of Madrid.

Torrejón de Ardoz Skatepark was built in 2008 and it is located at the Torrejón Leisure Park. The original skatepark includes a bowl, a street area and stands for spectators.

Few years ago the skatepark had a extension on its east side, including new elements such as pyramids and banks. Also a pumptrack was built next to the skatepark. Over time, due to use and passing years an update has been necessary to expand and renew the area with new uses.

Two new sports facilities has been designed on the west side of the skatepark. One of them is a parkour facility. In this facility the old graffiti walls have been used and some new walls builded over a rubber pavement. Next to the parkour facility, a skateboarding spot has been designed, taking as a reference the urban architecture and materials of the best-known spots in Madrid.