(Seville, Andalucía, Spain)

The extension of the old plaza de armas skatepark has been a big boost for the skateboard in Seville. The old skatepark has been extended with 3000 m2 of new facilities. The old plaza de armas skatepark has been for years a meeting point. However, in the last years it had become obsolete.

The new skatepark is  close to the old skatepark and next to Guadalquivir river. The whole project has been respectful with the environment and the trees around.

The new skatepark is divided in three areas:

-A big area with two bowls. The first one is 1,50, 1,70 & 1,90 m. deep, with pool cooping extensions, spine and wallride. The second one is 1,50 m. deep with 2,00 m. extensions. This area is connected with the street area.

-An area of skateplaza where all the existent trees has been respected: 9 stairs set ,5 stairs set, banks, eurogap….

-Finally, a skating-bike lane connecting the skateplaza and the bowl area. Along this bike lane there are manual pads, flatbars, kickers, etc.