(Vitoria, Basque Country, Spain)

Santa Lucía is a neighborhood of Vitoria located in the east side of the city. It was built in the 1980s and is relatively small neighborhood but with large buildings, some of them up to 14 floors. In general, almost all the buildings in the neighborhood exceed 9-10 heights. It is an open and eminently residential neighborhood, with many pedestrian plazas and promenades between large residential buildings.

The skatepark is inserted in one of these squares on a 1400 m² square plot and it is surrounded by other squares with large green areas. It is integrated into the urban context revitalizing this public space, since although it is designed primarily for skateboarding, it has become a meeting point for different groups of people.

The new Santa Lucia skatepark has created a new scene in the landscape of this part of the city, using everyday elements of the city to transform the urban landscape. Zebra crossings, culverts and safety barriers are deformed  and adapted to the use of skaters.

Fotografias: Sergio Martín @sergiomartinphotographer