(Alcobendas, Madrid, Spain)

Nepal Skatepark in Alcobendas is one of the most historic skateparks in Spain. Its construction dates back more than 20 years and his huge legend has grown trowh the years. It is known among locals as “Nepal” because his extreme cold in winter and views of the mountains of Madrid.

One of the things that have made this skatepark special is its unique design. Two deep bowls connected by two channels to a less deep bowl and a third smaller bowl known as “la judia”. His radical curves and powerful cooping have provide his own identity. Preserving the identity of the skatepark was fundamental in its new design. Recreate curves and replace the original cooping was one of the starting points of the project to maintain that identity.

This reform of the main bowl has been a major challenge. The main bowl was really bad  and that is why we focus all efforts to reform it. The solution was to make a new skin on the main bowl. This new skin incorporates new “spots” as a new funbox, a bridge over the cahnnel, a dune, extension and cradle.