(Pamplona, Navarra, Spain)

amplona´s Antoniutti Park is an urban park located at the west side of the city. It is located in a central area of the city next to other green areas such as the Jardines de la Taconera or Ciudadela de Pamplona. The park was built in 1977 and has recreational areas and two areas for skating. One of them is the Anotniutti Skatepark and the other one is an asphalt skating ring that surrounds the skatepark.

Anotniutti Skatepark is a facility built in the 90s. It is a concept of concrete semi-buried skatepark that is integrated into the park. The skatepark has a perimeter of curves and a central distribution pyramid. For years it has been and continues to be today a point meeting of users of skateboarding, bmx or rollerblading. Over the years and the use of the installation, the concrete surface has been eroding. It is for this reason that Pamplona City Council decided in 2017 to start the reform project that was finally built in 2020.

Antoniutti Skatepark Reform has has included a new concrete skin over the existing one, as well as the design of new metallic coopings over the old ones. The concrete transitions has also been expanded and some elements have been specifically modified to generate more dynamism and improve the lines of the skatepark.