(Saratsuegui street, Éibar, Guipúzcoa, Basque Country, Spain)

Éibar (officially and in Basque Eibar) is a city and municipality in Guipúzcoa province, in the Basque Country (Spain). It belongs to Bajo Deva region. It has an area of 24.78 km² and 27,467 inhabitants (2021), with a population density of 1,106.42 inhab./km². It holds the title of “Very Exemplary City”.

The skatepark is located at the Saratsuegui neighborhood. It is a residential area at the east of the municipality. The old skatepark was made of prefabricated ramps over a concrete pavement and has stands for spectators.

The old Sratsuegui skatepark renovation has consisted on removing the old ramps and building a new concrete course. New course has a two-level bowl with extension and poolcoping. Next to this bowl, a second street-bowl includes handrails, ledges and eurogap. Between the stands and the two bowla there is a street circuit with obstacles such as a pyramid, faltbar or manual pad.