(Calahorra, La Rioja, Spain)

Calahorra is a municipality from La Rioja Autonomous Community, belonging to its homonymous region, within La Rioja Baja. It is the second city in La Rioja Autonomous Community in importance and population after the capital, Logroño, and the most important within La Rioja Baja.

The project site is located at Era Alta Park. It is an urban park located north of the city. In this urban park we can find green areas and also different infrastructures and equipment such as the car park where the fairgrounds are located, Lucio Marcos Farmers Museum, a water tank, and Terrorism Victims Park.

Next to the water tank there is a 31 x 25 m concrete flatground. It used to be a skatepark made of prefabricated modules. This skatepark was removed a few years ago and the concrete pavement remained.

This project is about restoring this space to its original use. For this purpose, 8 granite and metal spots are designed functionally arranged to configure a street course. Before the spots were built, the pavement was polishied to eliminate the roughness caused by erosion. The spots designed are a manul pad, a 7 meter flatbar, a metal ledge, a kicker, a manual up, a 90 cm granite quarter and two granite ledges.