(Logroño, La Rioja, Spain)

Logroño is a medium-size city delimited by two barriers, one natural and other one artificial. The Ebro river constitutes the northern barrier and the railway creates the southern barrier. This project is located next to the southern limit formed by the railway. The project is close the south barrier made by the railway and next to a bypass road at the east. It is a marginal space that is located on the city limits. A 1,400 m2 urban square is designed in orther to revitalize this space, as well as green areas and parking.

This project is about revitalizing a marginal space by enhancing the architecture of the urban plazas of the city. The design of this skateplaza is inspired by the architecture of some of the most emblematic urban spaces in Logroño, such as Plaza del Espolón. Plaza del Espolón was the first space for skateboarding in Logroño and nowadays there are many skaters who continue to skate it.

Fotografias: Adrián Rios @adriosphoto