(Santiago de Compostela, Galicia, Spain)

This project is about public space, skateboarding and coexistence. The main goal is to recover an urban park in the city of Santiago de Compostela located in a central area next to the Galician Parliament. It is about recovering a marginal area , renovating pavements and lighting, and creating new areas for urban sports such as skateboarding and calisthenics. The objective of the project can be set in two directions. On one hand, solving the conflict generated between skaters and users of the kids playground in Plaza Constitución. On the other hand, actions i orther to improve the disrepair status of some elements of the park, accessibility and lighting.

The proposed solution consists in adaptating a space for skateboarding next to Plaza Constitución with a similar surface to the originally used by skaters. A skateplaza is projected on the west promenade and Plaza Mirador is adapted for skateboarding. Both spaces are 1480 m² with granite flat, similar to the original space.

The space factor in the practice of skateboarding is important, so the option to reform the current concrete skatepark (in a deterioration status and lack of use) that currently occupies 640 m2 is dismissed. So replace the actual concrete skatepark is replaced by another facility. The installation of a Calisthenics and Street Workout circuit is planned, which adapts to the available surface and there is a growing demand.