(Saint-Palais, New Aquitania, France)

Saint-Palais is a French town and community located in the Pyrénées-Atlantiques department in the New Aquitaine region. It is also part of the Basque-French historical territory of Lower Navarre. The project site is located in the south of the municipality, next to an urban park, a greenhouse, the police station and the cemetery. It is an urban area with a strong connection with the green landscape of the area.

The program is divided into three actions that order the plot: a Skatepark, a Pumptrack and a Parking. The parking is located from the road access, giving rise to a common pedestrian access to both sports facilities. The Skatepark is located on the left side of the plot and runs longitudinally, while the Pumptrack is located on the remaining right side.

The Skatepark includes street and ramp areas, with an open bowl on the north side that connects to the street area on the south side. The open bowl design includes metal cooping, non-cooping and a wide variety of radius and shapes. The street area includes some of the basic spots such as hubbas, flat bars and handrails, and also unique obstacles such as zebra crossing or curved “slappy”. Light and dark gray colors have been used in concrete making contrast with the red metal, referring to the red carpentry in the area.

Pumptrack connects with the skatepark at two points, one next to the open bowl and other in the street area. In addition, the Pumptrack is divided into three interconnected circuits that create varied and fluid lines. A longitudinal main circuit on the right side, a more compact second circuit and a third circuit for beginners.