(San Vicente del Raspeig, Alicante, Comunidad Valenciana, Spain)

San Vicente del Raspeig is a city located in the northwest of Alicante´s metropolitan area. This skatepark is inside of the Presidente Adolfo Suárez Park and it is a 80,000 m2 urban park that acts as a green lung for the city. Within the park we can find trees, meadows, artificial lagoons, wetlands and paths for walking. It has some equipment such as a snack bar and children’s games and also sports facilities such as an artificial soccer field.

The project develops in a triangular plot in the north of the park. Due to the large size of the plot the skatepark is conceived to order the plot, occupying a part of it and reserving different areas for future actions. The project needs schedule includes the demand for a street and a ramp area.

The skatepark is designed on different level terraces that are delimited by concrete walls. These walls create shady living areas and blur the boundaries of the skatepark. In one of these terraces there is a 2.40 m deep pool. The rest of the terraces are made up of concrete and granite pavements and it has also stone and metal obstacles that complete the street area.

Fotografias: Germán Cabo @german_cabo