(Lugar de Fontán, Ribeira, Coruña, Galicia)

Ribeira (also called Riveira) is a municipality in Galicia, Spain, located on the west coast of the province of La Coruña, in the Barbanza region. Its capital and most populated urban center is Santa Eugenia de Ribeira (better known as Santa Uxía de Ribeira).

Project location is in the south of the city, just 200 meters from the sea, in an area called Lugar de Fontán. The plot available to develop this new facility is located in a trapezoidal area next to a hillside. Close to the skatepark we can find large undeveloped areas, housing and the police station.

Skatepark design is adapted to the irregular shape of the available plot to include a mixed street and ramp course. A mini-ramp is developed towards the hill. On the opposite side there is a street line with flatbar and ledge. Volumes and shapes are combined with concrete colors and metal, concrete and granite coopings.